Kl-B 1.0600 EN 10270-1/ DIN 17223-1
Kl-C / SH 1.1200 EN 10270-1 / DIN 17223-1
DH 1.1211 EN 10270-1 / DIN 17223-1
SH Verzinkt 1.1200 EN 10270-1 / DIN 17223-1
RVS 301 / 302 (X10CrNi 18-8 ) 1.4310 EN 10270-3 / DIN 17224
51CrV4 1.8159 EN 10277-5 / DIN 17221
Inconel X750 2.4669
C75 1.0605 DIN 17222
CK75 1.1248 EN 10132-4 / DIN 17222
ST37 K ( S235) 1.0161 EN 10025
These materials are our most common materials. We can also offer you other material on request.

Surface treatment of our springs


Visual surface coating, anti-corrosion protection

shot peened

Increased dynamic lifespan

powder coated

Visual surface coating, the 180 different RAL colors are coloured quick shine, sheen durability/RAL color nr.


Visual surface coating, anti-corrosion protection

This type of surface treatment is our most common process. We are pleased to offer you other methods on request as well.

The design of a technical spring

In addition to their shape and material, springs are expounded using the spring constant or spring characteristic. The spring constant describes the increase in force in relation to the spring deflection or the angle of rotation. The spring characteristic curve shows the course of a spring constant – it reflects the proportion between spring force and deformation.
The elastic deformation is based on Hooke’s law. The law explains the elastic deformation of solids when the deformation is proportional to the applied load. Here, for example, the spring constant can be determined or, the change in length can be determined for a given spring constant.


Cardboard packaging

By default, all our springs are packed in cartons. The cartons weigh maximum 30 kg, so they are convenient to transport.

Tube packing

Since some types of springs can slide into each other, there is the possibility of tubular packaging, from which each spring can be removed separately.

Packing in PE bag

On request, we pack springs in PE bags from 100 to 1,000 pieces. The advantage of this is that individual springs can be removed more easily.

In addition to our standard packaging, we also offer individual packaging options on request (e.g. blister packaging, individual packaging or neutral packaging). In order to be sustainable in the use of packaging materials, we take back empty cartons from our customers and reuse them.


Bakker Spring

Do you need high-quality springs as a custom-made product for a special project? We look forward to receiving your inquiry!

Feel free to contact us by phone during our opening hours: monday to friday from 08:30 am to 05:00 pm. Alternatively, you can send us an email with your request or use our contact form.

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